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Hi there! I’m Dainya, the blogger behind “Miss know a little”. Here on my blog, I share honest encouragement and motivation for like-minded Christians who are figuring life out with a “likkle toops” of my daily life tossed in for balance! I believe in intentional living and walking boldly in faith (Shoulders out! Chin up! Now…Walk!) there you go 😊. Welcome!

30 things about me

1. I was born February 1991
2. I’m a Christian…a true fire carrier…I fear no demon
3. I don’t believe in horoscopes
4. I love anything cheesy, like cheese curls and extra cheesy mac and cheese
5. I like my steak medium done
6. I procrastinate…Alot!
7. I was born in Westmoreland and raised in Flankers, Montego Bay, Jamaica
8. I have a habit of starting and then not finishing, but once I remember, I’m all for it
9. I want a little puppy so badly(Yorkie), I even have her name already “khloé”
10. I love cooking and experimenting with food
11. My two favorite movies are “Titanic” and Jumping The Broom”
12. I’d like to learn how to take really amazing photographs
13. I hold a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Information Systems
14. I’m a leader by nature
15. I’m an aspiring IT Project Manager
16. I love gadgets and anything techy
17. I want to be better at PHP and HTML
18. I do my own makeup! Always…lol
19. It bothers me when people say “sangwich”
20. I enjoy bible studies
21. I sing…a little
22. I love my niece sooo much (Denity)
23. i UsEd tO tYpE LiKe tHiS iN hIgH sChOoL
24. I’ve known my best friend since 8th grade
25. I’m 5ft 5 inches tall
26. I fear failure
27. I blog because my mind is always talking 😊
28. You deserve a medal for reading all this mumbo jumbo about me
29. I’ve yet to discover my signature anything – scent, lipstick, etc. – and am okay with that

Dainya Thomas

Dainya Thomas


Hi there! I’m Dainya and I’m the blogger behind “Miss know a little”. Here on my blog, I share honest encouragement
(more about me here.)


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