Today marks one year since I posted my very first blog “Why I feared Graduating“. I was in my final semester of college and thought, why not? I thought it to be fitting because I was a bit nervous to face the real world. The world of more responsibilities, the world where I’d have to put all my experiences and lessons learned into practice and my blog was a way to get out of my mind and write things on paper, lol, well actually on my computer.

Last year was the most eventful year of my life. I got baptised, I started a blog, I graduated, I bought my first car(Khloè) annnnd I applied for grad school. God has just been so busy in my life guys. He has been moulding and making me into the woman He wants me to become and I’m just so opened and accepting of His grace and love.

I’m humbled by the experiences I ‘ve gained, the friendships I’ve created and nurtured, the comments I’ve gotten and even though not all my readers post publicly, I still feel overwhelmingly grateful that I was able to touch the lives of my readers in one way or the other. One of my readers emailed me. She told me that my blog inspired her to start blogging and was asking for a few tips. Guys, I literally cried. I’m kind of a mushy bear(many of you who knows me, may have missed that side of me). It doesn’t really matter how many comments or personal message I get daily, I still feel blessed every single time. It’s like a whole different experience every time. (My fellow bloggers knows the feeling) and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for your positive words and thank you in advance for coming back 😂.

Below I’ll share somethings you can expect from me (Miss Know A Little) for the rest of year.

What you can expect from Miss Know A Little

1| You can continue to expect meaningful and inspiring content
I want to offer something useful for everyone. No matter your interests, I want to be able to be insightful and informative. I want you to take something useful away from me everytime you stop by.

2| I’m looking into guest posts and/or collaborations with other bloggers no matter the niche
Guestposts and collaborations are ways to get more exposure and work with some really amazing bloggers. I’m opened to the idea, so if you have an idea we could collaborate on or if you’d like to guest-post on my blog or vice versa send me an email.

3| I’ll be blogging about International graduate students
There is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration before, during and after your grad school application and I will be shedding some light on some really helpful tips to help you with a smooth transition.

4| Travelling
As I mentioned in my previous post “Top 5 Places I want to visit in 2019” I will be documenting my trip plans, flights, cheap tickets, hotels etc so stay tuned

5| Food Food Food
I don’t want to sound too cheesy, but I love eating, not like the greedy “eat” but you get the gist right? yes!. I will definitely share my “food” experiences with you guys while I’m on my trips too. Oh boy, I’m so excited about it

I don’t know why you come here week after week, but no matter the reason, I’m truly grateful that you do. Thank you for motivating me. Let’s chat. Let me know what you think of my blog. I’d love to know so leave me a comment below or contact me via Facebook or Instagram.

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