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5 Reasons To Start A Prayer Journal. Getting baptised last year was the best decision I ever made. I thank God daily for saving me when He did and not when I’m sick, dying or lost a limb or two. I was and still am excited about this new chapter I’m walking in, but if I am, to be frank, I never knew much but what I did know was that my lifestyle and my way of thinking had to change. I remember trying to pray one particular morning and just couldn’t find the words to say. I never want to be praying from my flesh and I said, “God, put the words in my mouth that you want to hear”, and just like that, I began praying.

A year ago, I needed a place to pour out my heart so I started this blog and a prayer journal (I absolutely love reading her tips on how to keep a prayer journal). God usually speaks volumes in seasons of difficulty. Actually, I don’t think He speaks more than other times, it’s just that we’re finally in a place to perk up our ears and listen.

There’s no right or wrong way to journal. Many people use art journaling. Some write out scripture or re-write a passage in their own words to dig down into a thought. I keep a journal to capture all of my prayers and all that I want God to do for me. My journal was, at first, 3 pieces of paper. I must admit though that keeping a prayer journal has been simultaneously one of the most rewarding yet one of the most difficult decisions I’ve tried to stick to. Ultimately it’s been worth it, despite my own inconsistencies.

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5 Reasons To Start A Prayer Journal

1| NO MATTER THE FORM, PRAYER ALWAYS DRAWS US CLOSER TO GOD.Prayer will always bring us closer to God. So whether we speak or write our prayers, an important benefit of prayer is that we grow our spiritual relationship with our heavenly Father.

2| IT CAN ACT AS A REMINDER OF GOD’S FAITHFULNESS In a thousand ways, God is faithful. When you’re having a hard day, reading through journals can be encouraging and can act as a reminder of all God has already done and will continue to do in your life.

3| A PRAYER JOURNAL WILL HELP YOU KEEP TRACK OF HOW GOD IS ANSWERING YOUR PRAYERS I don’t know about you, but often if I pray for something, a week later I’ve forgotten about that thing! Using a prayer journal ensures that you won’t forget, and you’ll be able to see when God answers your prayers. This can be really encouraging for those who struggle to pray because it feels like God isn’t listening.

4| A PRAYER JOURNAL MAY HELP YOU GET INTO THE HABIT OF REGULAR PRAYER The journal itself will act as a visual reminder to pray, while writing in it may be more likely to form part of your daily routine than sitting on your bed praying will.

5| WRITING DOWN PRAYER NEEDS SERVES AS A REINFORCEMENT TO REMEMBER THE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. When we take an extra minute to record a request, it enables us to not only remember the request at the appropriate time but also to remember it in general. Then we can pray more often than a designated time.

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Thank you for reading my “5 Reasons To Start A Prayer Journal” post. Have you ever tried to write out your prayers to God? What about a love letter to God? Which point of the above interests you the most to begin keeping a prayer journal? Leave me a comment below.

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