God is truly amazing. I am happy, so happy. I feel a peace in my soul, you know…that feeling of constant joy. Not that joy you feel after finally receiving that email for that job you applied for five(5) weeks ago, not that joy you feel after receiving an excellent grade on those exam results, not the joy you feel after the doctors says you’re in tip top shape, but that joy…that joy knowing that you are unconditionally loved by God.

I cannot define God in the sense of delimiting exhaustively who He is, but I can nonetheless describe him truthfully. I can do so because He has made himself known to me in His Word and He opened my eyes to that Word by His Spirit. What does all this have to do with this being “My Yes Season” you may ask? If someone had told me a year ago that I would be talking like this, much less be so open and some would say, relatable, first, I’d laugh at them, then I’d probably snap at them, then stomp away angrily…but God.

Let me tell you something, as sons and daughters of the most high God, we are entitled to have our no’s turned into yes’s, No questions asked. Matthew 7:7 is an amazing verse, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:” As Christians and believers, we ought to have more faith, we ought to open these lips of ours and speak life over our dry bones like in the book of Ezekiel chapter 37 “The Valley of Dry Bones”. We ought to take control of our season and command it to be “Yes!”.

Speak and step into God’s supply

I would like to encourage someone today about how God is constantly supplying grace, health, protection, deliverance and whatever you need in life because of the finished work of Jesus. Here, I’m sharing with you how you can tap into the supply that is already available to you, so that you can experience these blessings in your life in a greater measure because God doesn’t want you to suffer in silence or put up with sickness or lack, in fact He says in His word that “WE” must decree a thing and it shall be so (Job 22:28). Decree now that this is your yes season and watch God move on your behalf.

dockside peaceful lake view

A constant overflow of faith…

So much of what matters in life rests on faith and trust. Remembering to trust God and discerning which people are worthy of our trust is an act of faith. When we place our hearts and our lives in God’s hands, it requires courage, hope and faith, but its worth the risk because it is faith,hope and courage that brings us in our “Yes Season”.

Dainya Thomas

I really look forward to hearing about your “Yes Season” experience. What are you learning through life right now? What is God teaching you through the season you’re in? How have your dark days shaped and taught you?

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