Happy New Year! Oh Mah Gosh *Southern Voice*, It’s a new year can you believe it? I’m truly grateful that I’m alive to see another year. Some of us have lost loved ones last year,
and it just gives a sense of awakening that tomorrow is promised to no one, so we must live “today” like God intended us to live.

I love the feeling of a New Year. A new year means new beginnings, new opportunities, new promises,
new vibes, new hope—new everything. Waking up to January 1st feels great. The smell of a new year is like when you first buy clothes and it has that “new clothes smell”, you know what I mean? Just a sense of newness makes one feel overwhelmed with joy and appreciation.

I absolutely love the fresh start feeling of a new year. Whatever mistakes you made last year, try to fix it this year. Try to salvage whatever relationships that got wrecked by bad storms. Try mending that dress you loved so much, but didn’t get around to fix it. Try creating new memories this year.

2017 was my year of awakening and redemption and I owe it all to my King. I’m in awe of how everything played out so meticulously, honestly, it felt like something new happened in my life every month.

My Baptism

I got baptised on January 23rd, 2017. The decision to give my life to God was made a month prior. I felt great. I told my mom, my sisters and my best friend. Weeks leading up to the day of my baptism the enemy swooped in. Oh, how I was tempted! I started worrying about what I’m going to wear to church, will I have to stop doing certain things? will I have to stop going certain places? or how will my friends feel if I don’t participate in their sex conversations? Let me say this, making a decision no matter what it is, always leads to pondering and wondering about whether you’re making the right decisions or not. The Holy Spirit assured me that I had nothing to lose but lots to gain so my decision wasn’t deterred by anything.

My Blog

I started my Blog on the 17th of May 2017 with my first post titled “Why I feared Graduating“. I fell in a state of depression for reasons I’m not yet comfortable to share and I wanted to focus my energy on something else that would help me while helping others. My blog has helped me to become more creative, open-minded and intentional. Blogging is entertaining. It creates an avenue for new friends and new relationships. *I’m all about newness this year…new new new*.

Class of 2017

I’ve graduated! Another proud moment.
Here’s a little story: It was a Sunday Afternoon. I had finished packing my last bag with three(3) writing books and few pens in the car I chartered to carry me to the bus park. The evening was cool and the sun had just set. My mom was standing in the doorway and she handed me $20USD and couple hundred Jamaican dollars, that’s all she had and it was suppose to last me a month. She said, “Not by sight, but by faith” after I asked what about next month’s lunch. Four (4) years later and I can humbly say if I missed classes, it was never because I had no money to go. Thank you Jesus and thank you Mommy.

Investments Investments Investments

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, views I express are my own and I will not be held liable for those who invested because of anything I expressed on my blog, Do your own research. Thank You 😊.

Alrighty then, let’s begin. I posted a few blogs about investing and some investment vehicles I’ve looked at and actually invested in. Ripple and Bitcoin being my main focus. I invested in Ripple June of last year when Ripple was $0.19 USD. It has increased to $3.66 since this morning when I checked, (Lawd me excited!). I think I might just leave it to sit there for about 3 years. Investing is a great way to grow your wealth, saving your money with the bank only helps “the bank”, you’ll still be financially crippled…but investing! that’s where your money labours for you. I posted this blog a few months ago, “The rich Invests, while the poor saves“, take a look at it, I dropped some really good nuggets that can be helpful.

My First Car

Her name is Khloè. She’s deep blue, small and cute…(lol). My car was another great accomplishment for me. I know nothing about cars, so long as they have four wheels and a steering wheel, and so long as they will get me from where I am to where I want to go without any unscheduled stops along the way. I first laid eyes on her September 24th after a long trip abroad the summer of 2017. As I pulled up into the parking lot of the apartment complex where she sat looking all blue and pretty, I thought for a second that she winked at me…(lol lol), another proud moment.

the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
“the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee”

Every month I’ll post a blog with my “Purpose for the month”. I want this year to be more practical because New Year Resolutions are so clichè and cheesy. I use to have them, then by February, I don’t remember them anymore. My purpose will be hands-on and attainable and every month you can follow along and make your plans be as practical and real as you want them to be.

2018 is my year for focusing, slowing down, living with intention and truly growing in purpose daily. Thank you guys for being a HUGE part of 2017 with me and for making this blog a huge part of my purpose. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without my blog. It brings me so much joy and gives me so much purpose, so thank you for making that possible by visiting daily, cheering me on, and for sharing my passions with me. THANK YOU!!! What is your word of the year? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. xx

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