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With all the long haul flights I’ve taken, I’ve had a lot of time to spy on my fellow travellers, observe staff, inspect aircraft and ruminate wildly on the ways flying economy could be made a whole lot better for all us. Here are my “10 things I wish they had on airplanes”.

1| A function on the IFE that says please wake/ don’t wake me for food service

How annoying is it when you really want to sleep right, but you’re so hungry and keep looking over the seat in front you to see how far the flight attendants are from you because you don’t want them to pass with the snacks? I literally keep an eye open every time when it’s snack time because there’s just something about flights that makes me so hungry. I reckon it shouldn’t take much to add a little button on the IFE that you can tap before nodding off which leaves a message on the screen about whether you want to be woken for food or not. A little card could work too, we could stick it on the screen or the seat in front us (not every flight has a screen); green for ‘food please’ and red for ‘leave me to sleep’ should do the trick. (I’m pretty proud of this idea. You’re probably going to tell me some airline does it already but if so can they let Jetblue know? Thank you!)

2| Ambient scents pumped through the air conditioning

You know that smell you get on a plane where you’re not sure if they’ve started cooking dinner or someone’s just taken a pooopy? Or the passenger whose idea of personal hygiene is ‘I washed last week’? Well, why don’t planes combat some of the whiffier issues by pumping some essentials oils through the air system or popping a few diffusers near the bathroom? We could make it all democratic and have passengers vote for the scent of the day as they board the plane. It would be like choosing the scent of your oil before a massage but a hundred times more disappointing

3| Netflix streaming on all flights

As more and more airlines are getting in on the whole wifi in the sky thing, it shouldn’t be too hard to do away with all their old movie libraries and just hook us up to Netflix instead. A good binge on Black Mirror, OINTB and Desperate Housewives (choose your vibe) will see the flight pass in no time.

4| A no bare feet rule

I don’t want to see your dirty feet anywhere near me but especially not resting on my knee.

Please pin the photo below on Pinterest. Thank you 😊

5| Parachute(s)

About 10% of all small general aviation planes are equipped with a single chute that carries the plane, with its passengers, cargo and all. I know that there are talks about implementing chutes in big commercial airlines of the future but it’s 2018 now for crying out loud, we are in the future!

6| Face wipes and mini deodorants

A nice little bottle of Dove deodorant and single face wipe would be really helpful. Well, I know American Airline has these little pouches with a mini toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion etc.

7| A big bottle of water left in each row

So we can refill our cups when we’re gasping instead of waiting for someone to come round.

8| A steadfast rule that no one can recline their seat until after the meal service

Because no one can eat comfortably with a tray resting on their tits and some airlines are lax at getting the passenger in front to straighten up their seat for the meal service.

9| Heated seats

I wish the seats were heated(There are probably flights with heated seats, but all the flights I’ve ever taken didn’t). I had a 1:20 am flight from Jamaica to Boston (connected in JFK) and the flight was so cold I couldn’t feel my fingertips. It was very uncomfortable to sleep and I kept twisting and turning in my seat…ugh. Even though I wore a thick jacket my butt and legs were cold, and I wasn’t about to buy a blanket for $20-$40, psssh! *roll eyes*

10| Flight Attendants Entertainment

haha…Don’t ask for much, do I? I’m probably pushing it a bit too far with this one so forget I mentioned it 😂. But for real though…a little in-flight game with the flight attendants isn’t a bad idea. Games like; “Guess how high we are”, “A prize under one lucky passenger’s seat”, “Jokes” etc. Who knows, it could be fun.

Alright, that’s my two bits for now. I love flying, do you? Share some of what you wish they had on flights or some cool things you’ve experienced on flights. I’d love to know. Leave a comment below or chat with me on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for reading!

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