Up until the Summer of 2013, I had always lived by a cycle of identities that had hampered me my entire life. That is, until The World came in on a white horse like Prince Charming and rescued me from a future bound by limitations.*smiles*

I never knew I would enjoy travelling

Travelling wasn’t my thing. First of all, I always wondered how I would finance my trips. Doubt always sneaks in just as I would think of travelling, even if I’m home in Jamaica. There are so many beautiful places to visit there (I always say, I live where people come for vacation), but money has always been the reason to change my mind. I like going exotic places and eating exotic foods and I think living is more than just existing. Go places, experience different cultures. Live!

I heard about Martha’s Vineyard 4 years ago when I was a freshman in college. I was super excited to visit the Vineyard because of how beautiful I heard it was. Two flights, a two and a half hour bus ride and a forty-five minutes ferry ride later, I arrived.

As the ferry drew close to the island, I could see yachts and smaller luxurious boats docked, a picturesque landscape with beautifully elegant looking homes on the beach. Martha’s Vineyard is known for its extensive history and unique character. It is peaceful, a sweet haven and a timeless step into an ageless past. It’s simply the place where your heart stays.

Martha’s Vineyard, often called “The Vineyard” is an island located south of Cape Code in Massachusetts known for being an affluent summer colony. The island is only accessible by boat and air. One thing I’ve experienced is that “Martha’s Vineyard, even if you only visit once, the memories last a lifetime”.

It’s an island of unspoiled beauty.

I want to share my (now) passion for travel and my love of experiencing new cultures . Through Miss Know a little, I hope to share my life as a fully self-expressed and independent woman with the hope that I may inspire others. You are never too old or too busy to pause what you’re doing and take some time to follow your dreams.

May you never settle for a life that’s anything short of extraordinary!

Ocean View Park, Oak Bluffs

🙂🙂I will be staying on the Vineyard for a while and I will be doing more blogs about my stay here.🙂🙂

What are you waiting on?

Have you ever been to Martha’s Vineyard ? Or is it on your bucket list? Be sure to tell me all about your trip or your plans in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear them🙂

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